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If you wonder where we're coming from (philosophically speaking that is)...
We consider ourselves post-existentialists -- meaning that all the grim stuff about never being able to really bridge the chasm between people and that ultimate meaninglessness is an empirical reality may be true, the same time there are sunsets, love-making, rain, sun and good food and friendship., hey...why be grumpy just because the sun's going to nova in another few billion years?
(making all this really for naught)

This may be summed up as "Kick out the jambs--all your need is love--'though it don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing)."

If you wonder where we're coming from culturally... well, we see ourselves as members of a tradition stretching into the times our earliest ancestors -- the proud out-cast clan of artists, weirdos, queers, musicians, intellectuals, eccentrics, poets and the like (called in different generations...the Lost Generation, Bohemians, Flappers, Beatniks, Hippies, Punks, X-ers...or whatever).

Welcome home sister and've always known you've belonged somewhere.


Dear Friends,


Cafe Underground is undergoing a makeover...(a BIG one)...and we are in need of your help. Please send us your advice and comments, they will be read and considered is YOU and your family and friends we are very seriously aiming to serve.

What do you want to see? What do you need?

In short, what should we have to get people talking, inform them of what’s important while providing them with tools and facilitating connections?


For our upcoming “Web Journal” we need articles, essays, cartoons, quips and quotes...just about anything of quality generally fitting our mission of encouraging and facilitating social/political dialogue and action.

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Café Underground is seeking an computer art and graphics maven to take head our ART DEPARTMENT (such as it is...). The position will earn the undying thanks and admiration of all involved, a touch of immortality (limited to reality beyond our personal control), the chance to have your work featured on an award-winning international website, work with some(what) dynamic, dedicated professionals, as well as highly coveted Gold Standard bragging rights about your efforts published in you very own resume or CV in as overwhelming impressive, glowing and (possibly) inflated terms you may wish to employ. [Unfortunately however, there is no money for salary or wages anywhere in our short-term projections.]



Art Director Job


We need you!!
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